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In a small town twelve thousand miles away from the battlefields of Europe stands a monument dedicated to all Maori who fought for King and Country during World War One. Constructed in , it was built so generations to come would remember the supreme sacrifices made by Maori soldiers.

Over time, the stone and the memories carved into it slowly crumble. Storms and earthquakes accelerate this erosion. The loss of generations and dispersal of whanau exacerbates it. Stopping the erosion, conserving the stones and rebuilding the monument will take a specialist team over a year and cost more than half a million dollars. Restoring memories, reconnecting whanau, and ultimately welcoming a World War One hero back home will take the love of a whole community.

Set in Stone is told from the heart by people whose passion and skill unite them.

set in stone

set in stone. to be very difficult or impossible to change: The schedule isn't set in stone, but we'd like to stick to it pretty closely. set in stone. If an agreement, policy, or rule is set in stone, it is completely decided and cannot be changed. The exact terms of the scheme have yet to be set in stone. These are just preliminary ideas and nothing is set in stone.

Maori and Pakeha, German and English all contribute to this fascinating and moving story. Filmed with aroha in the gardens of Pakaitore, Whanganui, it's a Written by Double Farley.

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In a world of bad news about climate change, speaking to Sandra is a breath of fresh air. Technology, she says, is ready to take on the huge challenge.

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We just have to speed up the use of the technology that we already have. In June, Icelandic government officials, power companies, and aluminium factories signed a joint statement of intent to investigate how the CarbFix method could be applied to big industry in Iceland.

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Carbon fixation technologies do have their opponents. Even if we completely stop burning fossil fuels, there are many industrial processes we will need to continue which produce a ton of emissions, like making steel and aluminium. CarbFix could be a solution to tackle those emissions. I hope that CarbFix is one of them. Then nothing is done. Sandra herself is far from hopeless. She feels that the conversation around climate change is reaching a critical point. So why the 3 stars? What should have been a fine pastiche is turned into an overly-long literary fiction.

It also includes an extremely unnecessary epilogue that bogs down the story with overdone Literary Fiction blahness. In short: view spoiler [Samuel returns to Fourwinds several years later Isn't it romantic that he's still in love with this vapid moo after marrying a woman that actually cared about his welfare? Please stop trying to mash them into the same book.

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This means YOU, A. View all 7 comments. Feb 08, Jane rated it it was ok Shelves: passed-on. A pastiche of a Victorian sensation novel, written for younger reader, and wrapped in a lovely cover was such an enticing proposition.

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I raced through the opening chapter, part of a framing story, set in an art gallery some years after the events at the heart of the book, eager to reach the story proper. I was drawn into that story by gorgeous writing, and I saw echoes of wonderful writers of the gothic, the sensational, the romantic. Wilkie Collins, the Bronte sisters, Mrs Radcliffe A pastiche of a Victorian sensation novel, written for younger reader, and wrapped in a lovely cover was such an enticing proposition.

Wilkie Collins, the Bronte sisters, Mrs Radcliffe In , aspiring young artist Samuel Godwin is hired by a Mr Farrow as tutor for his daughters, Juliana and Marianne, at their country house home, Fourwinds. He found the two sisters to be very different: Marianne was a passionate free spirit while Juliana was quiet, demure, and clearing clinging to secrets that troubled her. And he found that Juliana had reasons to be unhappy. The girls' mother had died in a tragic accident, their father was cold and remote, and their beloved governess had been taken away from them.

But he believed that there was something else. Maybe that something was the young sculptor who Mr Farrow had commissioned to create statues of the four winds, one for each side of his house.

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There were just thee glorious statues, somehow both pagan and classical, because the sculptor had been sent away before his work was complete. Or maybe there was an even darker secret at Fourwinds. She is attentive to her charges, she is clearly fond of them, but she will say nothing at all of her family or her history.

The storytelling is effective and evocative, the plotting is intricate and clever, and the suspense is lovely. But that falls away as the story advances. I saw where the story was going, and it became a little too predictable. Of course I could say that this story is written for younger readers, and that I worked things out because I have read a great many gothic romances over the years.

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Druid Festival at Stonehenge. Easy Learning Idioms Dictionary. This is the key problem with fiat as we have it now. Set in Stone. He noted that megalithic sites were found in areas of Britain that had not been conquered by either the Romans or the Danes. By drawing the spear-thrower back and then hurling it forward, a hunter can use the atlatl as a lever to launch a spear, sending it farther and with more power than if launched only by hand. Our Recent Projects.

But that brings me to another concern. The dark secret concerns incest. It isn't explicit, and it happens 'off stage' before this story begins. But it is clear what happened, and of course the consequences can be seen. It doesn't sit well on a book written for young adults; there were other paths that the author could have - I think should have - taken. I loved the art, and the artists fascination with and hunt for the sculptor.

But when he is found suspense is lost, the story loses its impetus, there was a very obvious and unlikely contrivance, and it takes far too long to play out to its conclusion. There are some really lovely and clever touches, there are moments of high drama, but it wasn't quite enough. An overlong - and improbable, maybe even fantastical - conclusion to the framing story was the final straw. It was such a pity, because Linda Newbery writes very well, and there were any good things on this book.

If only it had been a little leaner, a little less obviously written for young readers, it could have been so special. As it stands I'm sorry to say that it was a disappointment, and I think I must be much more selective when I pick up literary pastiches in the future. View 2 comments. Jul 14, L. Johnson rated it really liked it Shelves: historical , young-adult. Set in Stone is a big book. Astutely written with a fine eye for period detail it's set on the edge of the twentieth century , it's a complex and exhausting page turner full of emotion, turmoil and psychological revelations.

Written very much in a style reminiscent of Wilkie Collins , it is the tale of Samuel Godwin, an artist on his way to accept a new position. He is to be the tutor to Juliana and Marianne, daughters of a wealthy man, Ernest Farrow, and live with the family in their fine ho Set in Stone is a big book. He is to be the tutor to Juliana and Marianne, daughters of a wealthy man, Ernest Farrow, and live with the family in their fine home Fourwinds.

Fourwinds holds secrets. It's not long until Samuel finds himself obsessed with figuring out what they may be. This journey of discovery is joined by the governess to the sisters, Charlotte, who is also resident at Fourwinds and also has secrets of her own.

This is a very big book. The scope of what it covers is huge and it reminded me a lot of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. There's a similarly high sense of melodrama, gothic horror and psychologically devastating revelations throughout both texts. Set In Stone is full of secrets. Dense, twisting, life-wrecking secrets and many of these are of a very adult nature. It's complicated and occasionally hard to read if you're not familiar with this style I struggled at points and needed to reread a few sections in order to catch up.

Ultimately Set In Stone is one of those books that it's very hard to tear yourself away from.

Set in Stone

You're left with the strange, near-voyeuristic, sensation that it wasn't just Charlotte and Samuel who grew obsessed with discovering the secrets held in this family and building, it was you as well. It's a curious and discomforting way to finish a book and one, that I think, is a mark of its dark allure. Jan 12, Lily A. Mell rated it it was amazing Shelves: best-books-ever , fiction , future-classics. Set in Stone is an amazing book.