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The purpose of the framework is to help elaborate policies and practices capable of meeting the specific challenges of the language of schooling.

Report of the follow-up intergovernmental Conference: "Languages of schooling within a European framework for languages of education: learning, teaching, assessment". The conference marked the begining of the languages of schooling project within the wider context of the "languages of education" concept. This was the first time the member states had been officially consulted in order to define future work. Individual studies are contained in the Final Report of the Krakow Conference pdf documents - available online at the website of Jagiellonian University - Poland and are followed by 24 papers discussing the relationship between terms, concepts, notions, understandings and practices of the educational and academic fields in question.

This document is directly linked to educational policies in Luxembourg and the challenges of multilingual school practices for subject teachers.

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The proposed course targets young secondary teachers, at postgraduate level, who are requested to confront concepts of learning and theoretical models with their own experiences in the classroom. The selected key areas for professional development are awareness for language issues, key notions of language learning processes, concepts of subject literacies and discourse functions, interaction for learning, multilingual didactics, cultural contexts of learning as well as evaluation questions. For each area, a similar approach includes driving questions, key words, selected references, targeted teacher competences as well as a few suggestions for training activities.

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The needs of teachers varying greatly, the areas for development are not equally relevant for all. The course leaves room for trainers' initiatives and puts emphasis on situated approaches to methodological issues. Classroom-based investigations and a reflective stance should improve practice. A reading list is added.

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For the surname, see Schooling (surname). School building and recreation area in England. Chilean schoolchildren in school uniform during a class photograph, A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning. Schooling definition, the process of being taught in a school. See more.

Because there are a number of things that all pre-school children must be capable to do in the language of schooling before starting primary education to avoid falling behind very quickly. Therefore, the Framework contains minimum objectives defining what children should already be able to do with the language of schooling when entering primary education. This document is a useful tool for teachers of pre-school children and their hierarchy in scrutinising their language teaching and establishing a language policy, for materials developers, for inspectors, for teaching assistants, teacher trainers, educationalists and those providing out-of-school courses and for test developers.

Curricula and Evaluation. Skip to Content Home The learner Languages of schooling Other taught languages Regional, minority and migration languages Foreign and classical languages Language as subject Language in other subjects Intercultural education. Reference texts Language s of Schooling Concept Paper: The linguistic and educational integration of children and adolescents from migrant backgrounds David Little.

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Contents main chapters Introduction 1. Council of Europe policy relating to children and adolescents from migrant backgrounds 2. Providing for the linguistic integration and education of children and adolescents from migrant backgrounds 3. Two Council of Europe tools 4.

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Some studies and resources that support the integration of children and adolescents from migrant backgrounds within the perspective of plurilingual and intercultural education. Approach to specific needs of disadvantaged learners Jean-Claude Beacco. Migrant pupils and formal mastery of the language of schooling: variations and representations Marie-Madeleine Bertucci.

Contents Introduction 1. Social norms and linguistic context 2. Variability and systemic change 3. Proposals 3. Language diagnostics in multilingual settings with respect to continuous procedures as accompaniment of individualized learning and teaching Drorit Lengyel. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Language diagnostics in linguistically and culturally diverse educational settings 3.

Examples of diagnostic tools and procedures 4. Implementation strategies — some examples Conclusion References.

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Languages in and for Education: a role for portfolio approaches? Compulsory education for all children permanently living in Austria starts at the age of six and lasts for nine years.

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Austria has a free public school system. The school year starts in early September and ends early in July. Education in Austria is divided into primary education from the age of six to the age of ten years and secondary education. Lower secondary education encompasses the first four years after primary education. Once students have completed nine years of compulsory education they can also take up an apprenticeship within the dual system of practical training combined with part-time vocational school, or follow a programme of training leading to a healthcare profession.

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Upon completion of secondary level II the Austrian education system offers additional educational opportunities, ranging from short-cycle tertiary education in the field of Vocational Education and Training VET to degree-level programmes at universities, universities of applied sciences and university colleges of teacher education. The Austrian Education System: www. It can also be downloaded at www.

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Learning in Austria This site can help you finding learning opportunities such as initial vocational training, university courses and adult education. The school system in Vienna. International Schools in Vienna. Maternity protection depends on your individual working condition and there are three main categories:.

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Pregnant working females are entitled to maternity leave which starts 8 weeks prior to delivery and lasts weeks after the delivery with an absolute ban on employment during this period. Your employer should be informed about the pregnancy as soon as possible the latest at week 12 of your pregnancy , then you are protected agains dismissal and termination. They are not protected by the Materniy Protection Act but they do receive weekly maternity allowance related to their income.

An entrepreneurial aid Betriebshilfe is forseen for women running a business replacement labour is provided for the business. Under certain circumstances, they are also entitled to weekly maternity allowance new self-employed, freelancers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Schooling is the use of schools in education Look up schooling in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Schooling may also refer to: Education or teaching Shoaling and schooling of fish Schooling surname , a surname and people by that name Schooling bannerfish Heniochus diphreutes See also [ edit ] Unschooling , an educational philosophy and method Micro-schooling in education Homeschooling in education School disambiguation Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term.

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