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What are the common characteristics of prophets?
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Therefore, he tends to reject them both with equal vigor. For the past few weeks we have been looking at the members of the Godhead and the roles that they play in our spiritual life and ministry. We send prayers for Dan, and ask him to be awakened, mercy, and preservation of life, no residual effects to remain. For this reason, I will deal with each text briefly. First, let me say this: Every prophetic encounter must bring us to a more intimate walk with the Lord and must reveal to us the revelation of the scriptures. What they have been eating is not healthy. The heart valves are being opened.

We look not at things which are seen, but at things which are not seen. Moses saw him who is invisible. And the patriarchs saw a better country, viz. Heb How does Christ's teaching differ from other teaching? Several ways. Christ teaches the heart. Others may teach the ear, Christ the heart. Whose heart the Lord opened. All that the dispensers of the word can do is but to work knowledge, Christ works grace: they can but give the light of the truth; Christ gives the love of the truth; they can only teach what to believe, Christ teaches how to believe.

Christ gives us a taste of the word. Ministers may set the food of the word before you, and carve it out to you; but it is only Christ can cause you to taste it. If so be ye have tasted that the Lord is gracious. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

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It is one thing to hear a truth preached, another thing to taste it; one thing to read a promise, another thing to taste it. David had got a taste of the word. Thou hast taught me: How sweet are thy words unto my taste! The apostle calls it the savour of knowledge. The light of knowledge is one thing, the savour another.

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  3. 1. The Activity of NT Prophecy: Recent Proposals.

Christ makes us taste a savouriness in the word. When Christ teaches, he makes us obey. Others may instruct, but cannot command obedience: they teach to be humble, but men remain proud. The prophet had been denouncing judgements against the people of Judah, but they would not hear.

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We will do whatsoever goeth out of our own mouth, to burn incense unto the queen of heaven. Men come as it were, armed in a coat of mail that the sword of the word will not enter; but when Christ comes to teach, he removes this obstinacy; he not only informs the judgement, but inclines the will. He does not only come with the light of his word, but the rod of his strength, and makes the stubborn sinner yield to him. His grace is irresistible. Christ teaches easily. Others teach with difficulty. They have difficulty in finding out a truth, and in inculcating it. Precept must be upon precept, and line upon line.

Some may teach all their lives, and the word take no impression.

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They complain, I have spent my labour in vain;' Isa , plowed on rocks; but Christ the great Prophet teaches with ease. He can with the least touch of his Spirit convert: he can say, Let there be light;' with a word he can convey grace. When Christ teaches he makes men willing to learn. Men may teach others, but they have no mind to learn. Fools despise instruction. They rage at the word, as if a patient should rage at the physician when he brings him a cordial; thus backward are men to their own salvation. But Christ makes his people a willing people.

They prize knowledge, and hang it as a jewel upon their ear. Those that Christ teaches say, as Isa , Come let us go up to the mountains of the Lord, and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in them;' and as Acts ; We are all here present before God, to hear all things commanded. When Christ teaches, he not only illuminates but animates.

What Is A Prophet? 12 Functions of Prophetic Ministry

He so teaches, that he quickens. I am the light of the world: he that follows me shall have lumen vitae, the light of life. By nature we are dead, therefore unfit for teaching. Who will make an oration to the dead? But Christ teaches them that are dead! As when Lazarus was dead, Christ said, Come forth,' and he made the dead to hear, for Lazarus came forth: so when he says to the dead soul, Come forth of the grave of unbelief, he hears Christ's voice, and comes forth, it is the light of life.

The philosophers say, calor et lux concrescunt, heat and light increase together.

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Use one: Of information. See here an argument of Christ's Divinity. Had he not been God, he could never have known the mind of God, or revealed to us those arcana caeli [the secrets of Heaven], those deep mysteries, which no man or angel could find out. Who but God can anoint the eyes of the blind, and give not only light, but sight? Who but he, who has the key of David, can open the heart? Who but God can bow the iron sinew of the will? He only who is God can enlighten the conscience, and make the stony heart bleed.

See what a cornucopia, or plenty of wisdom is in Christ, who is the great doctor of his church, and gives saving knowledge to all the elect. The body of the sun must needs be full of clearness and brightness, which enlightens the whole world.

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Christ is the great luminary; in him are hid all treasures of knowledge. Col The middle lamp of the sanctuary gave light to all the other lamps; so Christ diffuses his glorious light to others. Healthy emotional intelligence — teaching them how to be healthy emotionally. How to bring kingdom atmosphere, values, and heavens insights to workplace and life. After a few months of consulting, an international client experienced the highest increase of profit margins ever. After one consulting session, a business woman received a breakthrough that resulted in an unexpected large money payoff on a deal.

Dealt with identity issues. After prophesying over a man who worked at a company in Asia, he went from working for someone else to starting his own company which is now one of the most successful top small companies in his country. Helped one of the top small business owners in their specific area of expertise get breakthrough from relational constraints and past issues into health and wholeness in relationships and how to think as a Kingdom minded business person.

If you're wondering why you're going around the same mountain without ever reaching the top you need to find out what the next steps are to get to your place of influence. Take that next step and sign up with prophetic consultant Keith Ferrante to unlock your future.

If you're interested in having Keith as a Prophetic Consultant please fill out the application below and describe the areas that you would like advancement in. We pray over each application to make sure we feel a release from the Lord on doing the consultation. Then we will start with one session to make sure this is a good fit for both of us and then set up a series of sessions as needed. For more info contact us at support emergingprophets. Consulting Keith Ferrante. Keith Ferrante.

What Is A Prophet? 12 Functions of Prophetic Ministry

Training in honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability Spiritual parenting Teaching them how to be a great spiritual mentor. Embracing sonship teaching them how to receive love. Sign up Now If you're wondering why you're going around the same mountain without ever reaching the top you need to find out what the next steps are to get to your place of influence.

Open Form. Session 7 Balaam's pitfall. He wanted to please people through prophesying to get a position. Session 2 Prophetic protocol - Learn the right way to deliver a prophetic word and move in prophetic ministry.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Apostle Les D. Crause is the President of GBM Schools, Reaching Prophetic Office: The Next Step by [Crause, Les D.]. Reaching Prophetic Office: The Next Step [Les D. Crause] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Flowing in the Authority of the Prophetic Office.

Session 4 10M's for ministry - In this session you will understand how your personal character effects your ministry. Session 6 Prophetic evangelism. We've been given supernatural gifts to unlock people's hearts, We'll teach you how to use them. Download 10 Ms PDF. If your desire is to be a good steward of His Spiritual gifts then this course will help fine tune you to be that. Apostles Greg and Julie Bailey are available to teach these courses in your church. Your teaching has enlarged me, opened my eyes and encouraged me.

I am excited to more forward in my walk. The course has encouraged me to push in for more. I am now more confident.

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Just know being here was the right timing for me. Thank You. I feel more confident and the course has given me more confidence to trust in what I'm hearing from God. Check out the Free eCourse in the Resource Library.

Five Methods of Prophesying eCourse.