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Additionally, there is a nationwide shortage of money. Rebuilding will take a long, long time.

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In outlying areas beyond the peaceful town of Vukovar, there are still minefields. German Shepherds are sniffing out explosives. We stroll about, enjoying the open city arcade with its traditional obelisk, a monument surrounded by statues: saints, mythological figures, military heroes. The yellow and white municipal buildings lend an air of order and civility to this formerly war-torn area.

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If all the sweetness gives you a craving for something sugary to eat, head upstairs— Cupcakes , which opened in August, serves small cakes and hot chocolate. That said, the small gem-like experiences are what I most cherish. It was bright, 8th Graders awaiting the school bus. There is something quite wonderful about running away from home. Wickey was told that all four prisoners were "handled very roughly" before execution, and that Inayat Khan was badly beaten and shot separately.

They are exuberant and clearly talented. The virtue of truthfulness, was considered one of the main virtues any good Roman should possess. The truth of Croatia, it seems, is that life goes on. Join Elaine every other Monday for a new post. She writes about adoption, hiking and life. Travel gives one a chance to look at life from a different perspective.

The trip was full of castles, fortresses, history, beautiful landscape and cultural wonders. That said, the small gem-like experiences are what I most cherish. One such gem occurred on the third day of our day journey.

We were in Kalocsa, Hungary. A short drive from town took us to the Bakodpuszta Equestrian Center. Surrounded by many acres of farmland, the horse center is part of a working farm. For centuries, people in this region have relied on the elegant Hungarian Warmblood breed for transportation, settlement and defending their land. The morning was cool and overcast. Our group of twenty travelers were welcomed with shot glasses of rakia and slices of bread with pig drippings and paprika.

Thus fortified, we climbed into the bleachers that faced an oval-shaped dirt field. At one end, an oboe player serenaded us with mournful ballads. In seconds, the horses and their riders appeared, galloping around the ring. Adding to the going-back-in-time feeling, the riders were decked out in baggy royal blue trousers, capes and gallant black hats.

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Definitely made us feel at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. It was thrilling, heartwarming. Beauty in motion. The following photos are just a few of the highlights…. The show took me back to my year-old self when I drew horses, wanted to own one, and was literally in love with horses. Please comment and share your own transformative. NOTE: Being at home in the world, one of the lessons of adoption recovery, is a good motto for not just adoptees but everyone.

Climbing over rock outcroppings extending like fingers Passing palapas shading reclining sunbathers Seeing familiar buildings Finding new ones surrounded by acres of green Blue skies and blue water forever.

Closer now Curious A giant inflatable turned sideways at the waters edge Chairs on the left Tables and chairs on the right. Starts just as soon as the sun sets. Goodness how did they know I was not wanting to miss this ritual. Getting darker and cooler now Deep blue Navy shadows Not a good idea to walk beach back being female and alone Lose my way amongst the palms and canals Meet lost Canadian couple Together we twist and turn through mazes of walkways Arrive at the new hub Architectural wonder Grand Piano in the middle of a lake.

After retiring from a successful entrepreneurial career as an interior designer and realtor in San Francisco, Christine Boss adopted Santa Fe, NM as her new home. She is an avid bicyclist and hiker who loves music, reading and travel. Puerto Vallerta is one of her favorite destinations. Spending much of last month in Southern India, I discovered a new way of being authentic.

The beauty and chaos, the people, the land itself will provide fuel for all my future creations…. Wednesday, December Along with Charles, Rebecca, Daphne. Phil and Lynne, went. Francis Church. We returned to our hotel to gather the others and went en masse to the Mattancherry Palace, also known as the Dutch Palace.

Tiled roof, whitewashed walls, an interior filled with colorful murals and Hindu temple art. Lunch at the Grand Hotel, an upscale dining establishment decorated in white, tan and gold. The afternoon and evening were spent on an evening cruise on the Kerala backwaters. We enjoyed a Kathakali performance, the two male dancers depicting a tale from the Mahabarata. Prelude before the dance: A recorded overvoice explained the facial expressions rolling eyes, twitching brows, sniggering mouth, wiggling noses etc.

It was a display of veritable facial aerobics! This was followed by a demonstration of 23 different mudras hand positions , after which the fight between the demon and the god ensued. Live sitar music and singing accompanied the story-telling dance, and in the end, good triumphed. Of course! Lovely views of Chinese fishing nets, sounds of birds welcoming the descending night.

The day ended with our best meal to date at Oceanos Restaurant. It began with. Monday, Dec. It is a world heritage site, the cradle of southern Indian sculpture. We entered the area of Five Rathas chariots , where we climbed huge boulders that looked as though the ocean had shaped them. Goats basking about.

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Visited the Shore Temple and admired the images of Shiva as well as some tiny owls peeking out of nichos. The sanctuaries were built in the 7th and 8th centuries. India, Charles told us, has 35 states. The population is ,, a million in the larger area. The boys wore striped yellow shirts, neckties.

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The older boys, 8th graders, wore black pants and white shirts. The women of the houses drew them freshly each morning. It felt peaceful and mellow as we walked toward the shore. Fishing boats, people sitting and waiting. Apparently the fishing has not been good; the mood seemed glum. This is the month of Margazay, pilgrimages from December 1 through January 14 , a time to gain balance and stability. Everything is based on the lunar calendar.

There are million cows, Charles said, in India. Southern India grows rice and its coasts are the source of much seafood. We stopped at an open air vegetable market and bought lots of produce for the orphanage visit scheduled for the next day. For rupees, I got beans, beets, eggplant, carrots, and for my own consumption a few oranges. Fortunately we were traveling by bus rather than ox cart!

We passed miles of parked trucks lined up to distribute rice. Witnessed an ox cart stuck in the river mud, one wheel apparently having broken down. Atkinson wrote. While working on the play, Mr.

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Taylor was enlisted by Hitchcock to mend the script of ''Vertigo,'' which had already gone through two writers. Taylor made substantial changes, added characters and dashes of San Francisco color and decided to let the audience in on the film's secret well ahead of the fadeout.